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Things to know about Physalia physalis, Physalia utriculus

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-01-26

Physalia utriculus. [Photo/WeChat account: sanyareleased]

Physalia physalis, also called Portuguese man of war, is a virulent siphonophore. Humans getting stung by one can cause sharp pain and leave red lines like a bramble, fading for two to three days. People allergic to them, in extreme cases, can present further complications.

Physalia utriculus, known as Bluebottle, belongs to the phylum cnidaria. It is a more harmless, non-tropical stinger variety. For the average person, getting stung by one will present no harmful danger.

How to treat a Bluebottle sting? First, find a place to rest with someone who can watch over you. Don't rub the stung area. Wash off any remaining tentacles with salt water.

Then, rinse the stung area well with seawater to remove invisible stinging cells. Immerse the stung area in hot water at a temperature you can comfortably tolerate. Studies have shown that 40 C will produce relief after 10 minutes. The heat is essential as it kills the protein in the venom. If the symptoms persist or for stings that cover a particularly large area or across the throat and face, please call 120 (in China).

Sanya has been promoting the publicity campaigns and setting up warning signs near waters where jellyfish appear. If you encounter unidentifiable aquatic creatures while playing at the beach, please try to avoid them. Please do not touch them, and keep calm.

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