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What is Sanya?

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-06-26

What is Sanya? It's where culture and creativity are at everyone's fingertips, where energy and confidence pulse like ocean waves, fueling a brighter future.

City of attractions

Sanya, an irresistible beauty. Its tropical winds bring limited energy, injecting boundless vitality into the land.

More than 10,000 years ago, people here fired pottery, harvested crops, and carved their stories into the rock. Around 2,000 years ago, Chinese civilization spread here in the ancient city of Yazhou. Here, diverse cultures meet and blend, giving rise to myriad fascinating tales and a unique cultural heritage.

Now, come ride along its 263-kilometer golden coast. Play in the sunshine and feel the waves on a white beach of unparalleled beauty. From luxurious hotels to affordable hostels, you'll find comfort and relaxation in Sanya, just like our 25 million overnight visitors every year. Soar into the sky, dive into the sea, and enjoy China's freshest cuisine. Take a walk on the wild side and explore our jungles, or shop till you drop at amazing duty-free malls, where you'll find the best brands from around the world. Sanya, let us inspire your imagination for travel.

City of opportunities

From tourism and modern services to high-tech industry and high-efficiency tropical agriculture, trade and investment in Sanya has never been better. With a visa-free policy covering 59 countries and our fast developing business environment, Sanya welcomes anyone with big dreams. As a pioneer of China's opening up and the only free trade port with Chinese characteristics, Hainan Island is your place to win. Let Sanya make your dreams a reality.

City of pioneers

Sanya is more than a tropical paradise. It is for explorers. We're pushing frontiers on the ground, in the sky, and in the sea. For seven decades, generations of scientists used this rich soil to cultivate new and improved seeds for the world. In the past decade, Nanfan headquarters has cultivated 70 percent of Chinese new crop varieties.

Now, Sanya has nearly 3,300 marine tech companies. Together with the world leading Deep Sea Warrior and Striver, they are unveiling the secrets of the deep.

We're also reaching for the stars. With several stations receiving satellite data, we are the place for aerospace innovation. Here, projects progress at "Sanya speed". In just five years, we transformed barren land into an innovation hub with 50 sci-tech platforms. It's home to 14 top universities and 34 leading scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Sanya invites talent from around the globe to come and study, conduct scientific research, and experience our superior conditions and hospitality.

City of dreams

Sanya, a city not to be missed. In Sanya, you'll experience the essence of China in a tropical land. It's open. It's embracing the world through the Maritime Silk Road. It's diverse. Everyone can enjoy a good life here. It knows its people. It offers confidence in all areas. It's connected. One hundred and sixteen airlines fly to destinations around the world, and bullet trains circle the island about every 4.5 hours. It's eco-friendly. Summer never ends here. It has infinite potential. It's a land of hope where dreams come true.

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