Residence permit and permanent residence for international talent

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1. Residence Permits

Residence Permits for High-level Talents and Talents in Urgent Need. High-level technical and management personnel needed in key areas and industries in Hainan, specialists in urgent need and members of sci-tech innovation teams can apply for a long-term visa (no longer than 5 years) or residence permit according to relevant regulations.

Residence permits for household service personnel. Foreign household service personnel hired by high-level foreign talents can apply for a residence permit with guaranteed documents, employment contracts and other materials.

Residence permits for technical personnel. Foreign technical personnel working in Hainan including chefs in high-end hotels, and medical staff at Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone can apply for a residence permit for the same duration as the duration of the work contract.

Residence permits for international students. Foreign students who have obtained a master's degree or above in Chinese higher education institutions can apply for a residence permit within two years with recommendations from the institutions they study in, provided that they run innovative or start-up businesses in Hainan.

Residence permits for patients and accompanying family members. Patients and their accompanying family members can apply for a visa or residence permit with a duration equal to the medical service period by providing medical documents issued by medical institutions in Hainan.

2. Permanent Residence

High-level technical and managerial personnel needed in key areas and industries in Hainan, specialists in urgent need and members of sci-tech innovation teams can apply for permanent residence permits with their spouses and underage children with recommendations from a relevant government department for talent management.

Technical personnel can apply for a permanent residence permit in Hainan in accordance with relevant regulations.

Overseas Chinese who have a doctoral degree and work in Hainan, or who have been working continuously in Hainan for 4 years and have lived in Hainan for at least 6 months each year, can apply for permanent residence, together with their spouse and underage children.

Foreign investors who currently invest in innovative enterprises in Hainan, have stable investments and perform tax records for three consecutive years can apply for permanent residence with the recommendation from the People's Government of Hainan Province.

Foreigners who have worked continuously in Hainan for four years, with annual salaries and personal income tax meeting local standards, can apply for permanent residence.

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