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Round-table forum probes sci-tech innovation in film industry

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2023-12-21

During a round-table forum of the 5th Hainan Island International Film Festival, industry participants discussed how technological innovation empowers industrial development, ranging from LED display projection systems to generative artificial intelligence technology.

Wang Shu, vice chairman of the Science-Film &Television Integration Committee of the China Science Writers Association, said that the integration of science and film is becoming increasingly profound. This is not only evident in the involvement of scientific advisors in science fiction films but also in the enhancement of filming hardware capabilities through the transformation of scientific achievements. In this process, China can establish an independent and autonomous technological chain for its film industry.

"Digital technology has brought abundant changes to today's society and has had a significant impact on film creation," said Quan Rongzhe, vice chairman of the China Film Art Direction Academy and professor at the Beijing Film Academy.

Quan added that, for example, through pre-visualization design, filmmakers can dynamically conceptualize scenes, characters, environments and shots, allowing them to anticipate the style and direction of the film as well as address potential issues before the actual shooting process.

On Nov 27, the China Film Administration issued the nation's first industry standard for digital cinema LED halls, thus promoting the orderly development of digital cinema LED halls in China and facilitating the widespread application of domestic LED film projection systems.

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